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Skilled Nursing Services by Excel Home Healthcare Inc

Needs and wants: they often seem to be at odds with one another. In few instances is this more evident than after a surgery or prolonged illness. You want to return home and resume the life you had before your illness, but you need assistance to do the things necessary to navigate and enjoy the comforts of home. Beyond the basics like hygiene, meal preparation and housekeeping, you may require more skilled nursing services normally associated with a nursing home stay. Excel Home Healthcare brings those services to you, wherever you are, including your home. We make the transition from hospital to rehab, to home or skilled nursing facility simple and stress-free by delivering a network of professional healthcare services.

Comprehensive Services to Meet Your Needs:

At Excel Home Healthcare, you’ll find the care and consideration that makes it possible for you to enjoy life on your terms, in your home.

  • Infusion/Central Line/Port-a-Catheter Care

    A port-a-cath or central line is permanently placed under the skin via a simple surgical procedure. It is used to intravenously administer medication, as well as draw multiple blood samples with less pain and discomfort from repeated needle withdrawals.

  • Tracheostomy Care

    In order to provide an open airway and ease breathing, a tracheostomy is sometimes required. An opening is surgically created through the neck into the windpipe. Our staff is well versed in ensuring cleanliness and safety.

  • Wound Care

    When a wound fails to respond to traditional topical treatment, they require a more intensive treatment protocol. Excel Home Health Care offers specialized wound care that is proven effective.

  • Gastronomy Care

    When feeding becomes a problem, a gastronomy tube, or ‘G-tube’ is used to deliver nutrition. It’s most common among stroke victims who suffer with swallowing difficulties but is applied for numerous causes. To ensure safety as well as proper nutrition, consistent quality care of the gastronomy area and gastronomy tube are absolutely vital.

  • Chest Tube Care

    Often referred to as a chest tube thoracostomy, this procedure is used to drain blood, fluid or air from around the lungs, heart and/or esophagus. This procedure often follows a collapsed lung and is employed to help treat lung infection, bleeding around the lungs, fluid buildup and difficulty breathing as a result of fluid or air buildup following certain surgeries.

  • Urostomy Care

    When medical conditions require, a Urostomy is used to allow urine to exit the body into a special pouch. A small opening is surgically created where the tube is inserted. The part that protrudes from the abdomen is called the stoma, which requires careful maintenance to prevent infections.

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