Senior Homecare, Physical Therapy and Other Homecare Services for White Rock

Where Placerville Road and Payen Road meet White Rock Road sits White Rock, California. This quiet community is only two miles away from the headquarters of Excel Home Healthcare in El Dorado Hills. Excel’s conscientious staff offers unparalleled senior homecare services and expert physical therapy for our neighbors in White Rock.

Senior Home CareSenior Home Care that Makes a Difference for White Rock Families

 We all tend to take certain basic tasks for granted—such as getting dressed, tidying up the house, taking medication as prescribed, and making meals. However, as we age, we sometimes undergo physical and mental changes that can impede our ability to perform these simple tasks for ourselves.

Although many people turn to nursing homes and assisted living facilities in this situation, White Rock seniors and their families can choose senior home care from Excel Home Healthcare. The certified home health aides from Excel are specially trained to work with seniors, sensitively handling these essential tasks, so that seniors can continue to live at home with dignity.

White Rock In-Home Physical Therapy

Even active seniors can be slowed down by injuries or surgeries. Physical therapy can play a crucial role in their recovery from these setbacks.

To make physical therapy more convenient, Excel Home Healthcare will come to the patient’s White Rock home to assist as needed with prescribed therapeutic exercises. Excel’s qualified physical therapists will work in concert with the patient’s doctors, regularly re-assessing the patient’s condition, and providing the needed support during the patient’s convalescence.

Besides saving patients and their families time, Excel’s in-home physical therapy services for seniors have an additional advantage: By observing patients in their homes, we get a better understanding of the practical help the patients need in their everyday routines. We can then recommend particular household accommodations and give our senior patients specific tips for avoiding further injuries in the home.

Homecare Services for White Rock & Surrounding Areas


Ten miles north of the gentle slopes of Deer Creek Hills and ten miles south of the tranquil waters of Folsom Lake, White Rock is a starkly beautiful area of sparse vegetation and pale blue skies that seem to stretch on forever toward the horizon. Where Alder Creek once twisted its serpentine way through White Rock, expanding into a couple of amorphous bodies of water before its narrow terminus, only vestiges of the larger ponds now remain. The lonesome whistle of the railroad paralleling the main roadways echoes through White Rock, signaling the passage of goods through this modest Sacramento County town.

Visitors can buy fresh cherries and strawberries at a roadside farmer’s stand where Scott Road meets White Rock Road, partaking of the bounty of local farms. In a town where street names on newly developed residential land invoke visions of feathered creatures like herons, egrets, and cormorants, Excel Home Healthcare’s services make it possible for seniors in White Rock to get the attentive care they need without leaving the nest.

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