Physical Therapy in Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, White Rock CA and Nearby Cities

Have you just come out of a major surgery following an injury or accident? Then, you must make sure that you make some time for physical therapy. In fact, one does not even have to be always recovering from an accident to be taking on physiotherapy. It could just be a requirement of your aging and chronic issues of continuous wear and tear of your internal systems. Sometimes these sharp pains might be signals for you to discuss them further with your physician to determine if professional physical therapy is required or not. This is exactly what we do at Excel Home Healthcare. If you reside anywhere near Amador County, Cameron Park, Clarksville CA, El Dorado Hills, White Rock CA, and so on, or want to appoint a therapist for your loved ones in these regions, then you can count on us for being there for you. We will not only recognize the hindrances in your movements, but make sure that you fix your physical habits and reduce the possibility of future injuries.

Physical Therapy in Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, White Rock CABelow are top two signs that you need physical therapy:

  • Injury and Following Trauma Effect:

Sudden physical injuries can result in broken bones or muscle tears. This should be treated immediately by a physical therapist. Since there is a possibility of the injury getting worse if proper and timely attention is not given to it, you should get it treated by physical therapy to correct it at the roots.

  • Lingering Pain:

With aging, it is possible than an active day may wear you out. This may result in muscle pains specifically. However, if this condition does not get better with rest, then it might become something serious. Following this, if even pain medication does not help, it might be best to ask for physiotherapy referrals from your general physician.

If you think you need these services, then look no further and call us at the earliest.