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Physical Therapy is the process employed to enhance, restore and/or maintain mobility following an illness, disease or injury. Utilizing therapeutic exercises, various physical modalities like massage and electrotherapy, as well as the use of assistive devices and ongoing education and training for patients. This process is also referred to as physiotherapy.

Improving Mobility, Improving Lives

When a medical issue negatively impacts your ability to move and perform day-to-day activities, physical therapy can make a huge difference. Excel Home Healthcare can help you regain mobility and improve your wellbeing so you can go back to living life the way you want to.

Dedicated and highly trained physical therapists become part of a team dedicated to helping you. First, they work with you to assess your current abilities and condition. Then, working with you, your family, physicians and Registered Nurses, they develop a treatment plan designed specifically for you. Every plan is focused on achieving increased mobility, reduce pain and improve overall physical function. Physical therapy can help prevent disabilities as well as the onset of mobility loss before its onset. You’ll develop renewed fitness, realizing a healthier you…and healthier lifestyle.

As you evolve…so does your treatment

Initial assessment and treatment is so important in helping you achieve improved mobility in order to maintain your independence. Keeping your independence requires more. Our treatment programs change as your needs change. Through joint and soft tissue manipulation, as well as various exercise techniques and pain management protocols, you gain mobility and strength…and you keep mobility and strength so you keep your independence.

Therapy that Benefits the Whole Body

The benefits of Physical Therapy are far-reaching. Excel Home Healthcare has provided care that has helped individuals with balance issues. Physical therapy has proven effective in aiding recovery following surgeries for non-orthopedic issues such as cancer. Physical therapy is a treatment that positively impacts the entire body.

Our physical therapists can show you how to change and adapt in order to cope with new physical limitations.

Why do people trust Excel Home Healthcare when they need physical therapy?

  • Our trained staff recognizes movement dysfunction and compensation changes common to your specific malady.
  • We show you how to replace ‘bad’ physical habits with correct movement patterns that aid in your rehabilitation.
  • You’ll learn more about your specific injury so you understand the role it plays in restricting your mobility…as well as how therapy treats it.
  • We teach you how to reduce the chance of future injuries.

By working with our physical therapists, Excel helps you achieve our goals.

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