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Occupational Therapy Services by Excel Home Healthcare Inc
Our passion for life is built of the things we love doing. From cooking a family meal to sewing a dress…or the simple joy of taking a walk with a grandchild, the things that occupy our heart make life delightful. You don’t have to give up the things that you love doing just because you’ve undergone a surgery, accident or long-term illness. When even the routine tasks become difficult, frustration becomes anxiety…and sometimes, depression.

What’s the solution?

When health issues change the way you can physically function, you start looking for solutions. There are nursing homes…but that means living in a strange place, giving up your independence and leaving behind the comfort and security that only a home can provide. Your family wants the best for you…and you still want to live in your own home. The uncertainty can become a wedge between family members at a time when familial unity is so important.

Make the right choice for YOU

The occupational therapists of Excel Home Healthcare can provide the safety and security you and your family desire by providing skilled occupational therapy. We’ll learn what you can do …and what you need help re-learning. We focus on helping you regain the ability to do the things you love doing. Together, we’ll set goals and work towards achieving them by developing a treatment plan designed specifically for you. You will learn new ways to do old tasks so you can enjoy the life you love living…and keep your independence.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Services by Excel Home Healthcare Inc
Few things cause more frustration than not being able to communicate. Stroke victims often have trouble speaking. The same holds true for those who live with dementia. Certain head injuries can result in the loss of speech. Wanting to convey a thought and not being able to do so quickly becomes an emotional burden. Not being able to tell someone about pain or discomfort often leads to debilitating depression. Speech therapy should be the first choice for anyone who:

  • Can’t talk about what they want or need, or can’t answer questions
  • Has difficulty managing their financial, medical or personal affairs
  • Seems prone to injuries, accidents and other dangerous inclinations

Excel therapists start by carefully and thoroughly evaluating the patient to determine if the problem is language based. This involves ruling out other potential problems such as depression, dehydration, reactions to medicines and other possible causes.

Speech problems aren’t always related to health problems. Aging itself can bring communication problems…and speech therapy can provide help. As age can make vocal cords less elastic and weaken larynx muscles, speech therapy can teach you how to speak and communicate more effectively through vocal exercises.

Our speech therapists understand speech, language, voice, cognition and swallowing issues, and our proven treatments help you keep your ability to speak.

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