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Medical Social Services by Excel Home Healthcare Inc
What an injury or long-term illness does to the body is seen and felt almost immediately. However, emotional and financial affects aren’t as quickly evident, yet they can be equally damaging. In many instances, they can last much longer. Depression, anxiety and financial hardships take a tremendous toll on families. Your Medical Social Services Worker becomes an advocate, sharing the resources available to you, providing clarity to complex issues surrounding your treatment and helping you find the help you need to deal with the physical and emotional concerns you face.

Who can you turn to when you don’t know what to do?

Excel Home Healthcare’s Medical Social Service Worker’s know where to find solutions. They have years of experience in bring patients and their families together with available resources, support and services that can solve multiple problems. Our team is sensitive to the needs of different cultures. In fact, our staff includes individuals who are bi-lingual, speaking Spanish, Armenian, Russian, Punjabi and Tagalog. We also have translators available to ensure we can communicate effectively with every patient.

Our professional staff understands that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach simply doesn’t work when you’re serving the needs of individuals. We take the time to refer you to service providers that offer the services you need.

The help provided by our Medical Social Services Workers is comprehensive. From finding the specialized medical care you need to financial aid for medical care necessary for your recovery, such as prescriptions, medical equipment and/or mobility aides.

Information…and so much more

Caring, professional and dedicated, our Medical Social Service Workers offer a host of services that go beyond the ‘basics’. From patient counseling to advocacy, they offer so much support that brings peace of mind to patients and their families.

Excel Home Healthcare can help you and your family:

  • Understand complex medical treatment options and illnesses
  • Lead you to crisis intervention, counselors and psychotherapists who can diagnose and treat underlying mental illnesses
  • Coordinate necessary referrals to ensure proper follow-up care
  • Acquire assisted living or long-term care
  • Receive Meals On Wheels and other important services
  • Coordinate funding for medical care, equipment, medications and other services and products
  • Participate in patient-care conferences with your team of healthcare providers

From the first meeting with our social workers, you’ll realize we are dedicated to helping you, and our help continues with twice monthly reviews to ensure you have what you need to maintain your wellbeing.

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