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Making Sure You get the Care You Need

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The most asked questions we receive are inquiries concerning qualification.  Families and individuals alike face the sometimes-daunting task of trying to understand the complexities of insurance requirements.  The professional staff at Excel Home Health Care can help.  We’ll help you get the assistance you or your loved one requires.  It can be stressful trying to navigate a new situation and we understand how difficult it can be, especially when you’re recuperating.

Let’s start with the basic requirements:

  • A medical need MUST exist to receive skilled services from a nurse or therapist
  • You must be homebound, as defined by Medicare (departing the household requires taxing effort and results in infrequent travel)
  • You may be temporarily homebound because of injury or illness

It is important to remember that Excel Home Health care MUST receive orders from your doctor in order to provide any skilled nursing home health services.  Upon receipt of a physician’s order, our staff will speak with your physician to determine what services are necessary to meet your needs.

Compassionate service…wherever you are

Being discharged from the hospital doesn’t always mean you’re ready to return home.  In many cases, your physician will require a stay at a short-term care facility for rehabilitation.  Excel Home Health Care can fulfill all of your physical, occupational and speech therapy needs.

In other cases, patients are released to live in an assisted living facility

You’re about to be discharged from the hospital…but you still need a little time before you’re ready to come home.  Perhaps you’re headed to a short-term care facility and you need Excel Home Health Care to schedule physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Some patients leave a hospital to live in an assisted living facility…and many of them want the help they need to be provided by the caring, experienced professionals of Excel Home Health Care.

Excel takes pride in providing these important services to our patients wherever they may be.  Long or short-term care facilities, assisted living homes or your own home, wherever you’re recuperating, Excel Home Health Care can be there with you.  We’ll help with your recuperation and assist you so you can return home as quickly as possible.  And we’re happy to continue with the services you need to ensure you enjoy independent living in your own home.

We’ll go where you go

When you transition from one location to another, you can count on Excel to go wherever you go.  Hospital to home, hospital to rehab, hospital to assisted living, assisted living to home or any other transition you make, Excel Home Health Care will be there.  You’ll love developing relationships with our care providers, knowing that they’ll be there with you whenever you transition to a new facility or to your home.  We’ve found that the patients who start with us stay with us, and we wouldn’t want it any other way!

We are more than willing to help you find the answers you need to any insurance questions you may have.  Excel Home Health Care is certified by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid, as Medicare and Medicaid covers the majority of the skilled medical care services we provide.  Excel Home Health Care also accepts Managed Care, Private Insurance and Private Payers for our services.

PLEASE NOTE: A Physician’s order is required to provide any skilled nursing services.  Remember that coverage for these services may be limited to a specific amount of time.

Long Term Care Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and/or Private Pay most often pay for Personal Care Services or ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living).  Your insurance provider can provide more information concerning your specific benefit coverage.

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