Senior Home Care, Physical Therapy and other Homecare Services for Residents of Cameron Park

Physical TherapyJust a half-hour east of Sacramento and about ninety minutes’ drive from Lake Tahoe, Cameron Park enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and fantastic mountain and lake scenery. But for Cameron Park seniors who face illness or injury, the challenge of managing everyday tasks can shift the focus from enjoying life in picturesque surroundings to simply trying to cope.


Dependable Homecare Services for Cameron Park Seniors

 Fortunately, Cameron Park seniors and their families can call upon Excel Home Healthcare. Based in nearby El Dorado Hills, Excel Home Healthcare’s staff of certified home health aides and physical therapists assists seniors right at home, helping them to thrive among family and familiar surroundings.


Senior Home Care in Cameron Park from a Trustworthy Home Health Agency

Making meals, administering medication, folding laundry, or just keeping a senior company for a few hours are some of the many tasks performed by certified home health aides from Excel Home Healthcare. Having assistance with basic tasks such as these can make an enormous difference in your family’s life. With help from Excel, Cameron Park seniors from Airpark Estates to Woodleigh Summit can stay with their families in the comfort of their own homes. 

Physical Therapy for Cameron Park Seniors

Often, seniors with an injury or recent surgery need physical therapy to recuperate properly and get back to their active lives. Our carefully screened, highly trained physical therapists will work right in the patient’s home. Excel Home Healthcare’s staff will consult regularly with the patient’s doctors to ensure that the proper treatments are used. We’ll work systematically to correct issues such as restricted range-of-motion and help patients to strengthen weakened limbs. Excel’s physiotherapy professionals will also show patients how to avoid injury.


At Excel Home Healthcare, we understand that physical therapy patients progress more quickly when they have specific goals. Whatever activities our patients wish to resume—whether it’s frolicking with the family pooch in Hacienda Park, taking modified Zumba classes at the Cameron Park Community Center, or simply strolling around Cameron Park Lake—we’ll provide the physical therapy to get them back to their normal lives.


Cameron Park, California: A Vibrant Town with a Rich History

 Long before the 1950s, when developer Larry Cameron brought his ranching dreams to Northern California Gold Country, the Nisenan tribe—also known as the Southern Maidu—lived on this land in the chaparral. Among a landscape ornamented with oak trees, gray pines, and a profusion of manzanita bushes and redbud remain the remnants of burial mounds and grinding rocks from the land’s original inhabitants.


The town’s current inhabitants have also made their mark on the land. One of its most distinctive communities is Cameron Airpark Estates, where private plane owners can commute to work in their own aircraft, using the generously wide streets as taxiways and parking their Cessnas and Pipers in their driveways.


Excel Home Healthcare appreciates the privilege of helping seniors and their families in this unique environment. If your family could use Excel’s senior homecare and physical therapy services, please don’t hesitate to call us at 916-936-0555.

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